Who Should You Talk To?

When teachers have problems, we are ready to listen and help.

Communication Chain… Who should you to talk to?

Member contacts

AR contacts

Area Director contacts

CCEA Officers & Uniserv Directors

  • CCEA/FRUU Office: (303) 696-6265
  • President: Scot Kaye
  • Vice President: Kasey Ellis
  • Secretary: Jennie Campbell
  • Treasurer: Tom Rosh
  • Office Manager: Patrice Zekqiel

Area Directors

Sena Black, Falcon Creek MS, Area Director – Endeavor Academy, Falcon Creek MS, Foote, Grandview HS, Liberty MS, Red Hawk Ridge, SARC

Kelcie DeBow, Buffalo Trail, Area Director – Buffalo Trail, Antelope Ridge, Black Forest Hills, Canyon Creek, Coyote Hills, Pine Ridge, Mountain Vista

Mary Szablya, Creekside, Area Director – Cherry Hills Village, Cottage Preschool, Eastridge, Holly Hills/Ridge, Polton, Creekside

Kristin Chaney, Rolling Hills, Area Director – Fox Hollow, Meadowpoint, Peakview, I Team Ranch, Rolling Hills, Timberline, Trails West

Sandy Culbertson, Homestead, Area Director – Belleview, Campus MS, Career & Tech Ed, Cherry Creek HS, Greenwood, High Plains, Homestead

Jolie Hendricks, Sunrise, Area Director – Altitude, Aspen Crossing, Cimarron, Dakota Valley, Indian Ridge, Sunrise

Christine Tokarchik, Willow Creek, Area Director – Cherry Creek Academy, Cottonwood, Dry Creek, Heritage, Walnut Hills, West MS, Willow Creek

Lakysha Dixon, Village East, Area Director – Challenge, Highline, I Team Manor, Joliet, Overland HS, Prairie MS, Village East

Rose Duran, Transition Center, Area Director – Heritage Heights, I Team Estate, Options, Transition Center

Brent Harris, Horizon MS, Area Director – Cherokee Trails HS, Fox Ridge MS, Laredo MS, Ponderosa, Smoky Hill HS,

Melissa Myers, Horizon MS, Area Director – Eaglecrest HS, Horizon MS, Sky Vista MS, Infinity MS, Summit, Thunder Ridge MS

Shelia Phillips, Arrowhead, Area Director – Arrowhead, Independence, Mission Viejo, Outback Preschool, Sagebrush

An employee should utilize their building Association Representative (AR) when he or she…

  • wants to join the association.
  • has an issue or concern about their evaluation.
  • has a question about something related to policy i.e. planning time,
  • contract time, pay, benefits, retirement, sick time, general leave, etc.
  • has been called in to a meeting with an administrator, and is unsure of
  • the purpose of the meeting.
  • would like someone to accompany them to a meeting with an
  • administrator for any reason.
  • feels they are being discriminated against.
  • feels they are being bullied or harassed.

Your AR is your advocate… they are working for YOU!