COVID-19 and Remote Learning

Supporting Each Other and Our Students During the Crisis

As we navigate this unprecedented situation as it unfolds in our community, it is more important than ever to share resources. Below, you can find a curated list of remote learning resources to support your practice. If you’re a CCEA member, please click here to take a short survey to share with us your outstanding questions, concerns, and suggestions for how we can best support our educators and students as an association. 

Click HERE for CEA’s COVID-19 Legal FAQ. This document will update regularly as our team of attorneys fields questions and generates answers to common questions from members and leaders across the state.

You can access the Colorado Department of Education’s Remote Learning Guidance HERE and their COVID-19 Resources HERE.


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The Colorado Education Association recognizes the challenge that many educators face to move content and curriculum online during the Coronavirus crisis. In an effort to help CEA members meet digital learning demands, CEA COpilot has opened up special sections of some of our most useful digital learning classes. Before enrolling in these classes, please note the following items:

  • Most of these classes will start on Monday, March 23 (Using Google Classroom starts on March 30).
  • Rolling enrollment in these classes is free for CEA members; Non-members are charged the full enrollment fee.
  • Each class has a 100 person waitlist, so if you can’t enroll, add yourself to the list and you’ll receive an email when it’s your turn to take the class.
  • Because these classes are free and abbreviated, they ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR GRADUATE CREDIT FROM ADAMS STATE UNIVERSITY.
  • You have two weeks from when you enroll to complete all requirements of the self-paced class you’re taking.
  • You will earn clock hours towards license renewal and a completion certificate once you submit an evaluation for your class.
  • We kindly ask that if you’re an experienced online educator, please allow your educator colleagues and friends who aren’t as experienced to enroll before you.

Math Resources

Abcmouse (Free for 30 days, Ages 2-8) (Free, K-5) (Free, K-12)
Brainpop (Free, Ages K-12)
ABCya (Ages preK – 6)
CK12 (Free, Grades 1-12)
Reflex Math (Free)
Khan Academy (Free)
Cool Math 4 Kids
Dreambox (K-8, Free for 90 days)
Zearn (K-5)
Prodigy Games (Free, Grades 1-8)
Numinds (Free)
Oxford Owl (Free, Ages 3-11)
Math Playground
Splash Learn
Math Game Time
Greg Tang Math

Language Arts Resources

Reading (Free for 30 days, Ages 2-8) (Free)
Epic Books
Storyline Online
Milwaukee Public Library Digital
Oxford Owl (Free, Ages 3-11)
HippoCampus (Free, Middle & High School)
Storytime From Space
The Big List Of Children’s Authors doing Read-Alouds
Storytime with Jennifer Garner
Pete The Cat Storytime
Storytime with Olaf
Brainpop (Free, Ages K-12)
Coronavirus Writing Prompts For Kids
No Red Ink
Oxford Owl (Free, Ages 3-11)
PBS Reading
Actively Learn

Social Studies Resources

Virtual Field Trips

Mt. Vernon

The Great Wall Of China
Louvre Online Tour
National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

Road Trip From Home


News (Free) – Age appropriate news articles with comprehension questions and extension activities. (Free) (Free)
Ted Talks For Kids (Free)
Crash Course on YouTube (Free) (Free) – Age appropriate news articles with comprehension questions and extension activities.
Time for Kids (K-6)
Smithsonian for Kids
Oregon Trail
National Women’s History Museum Online Exhibits
HippoCampus (Free, Middle & High School)

Science Resources

Abcmouse (Free for 30 days, Ages 2-8)
CDC Solve The Outbreak Game
Discovery Mind Blown (Free)
Disney Nature Movies
How Stuff Works
Farm Food 360 (Free)
Khan Academy (Free)
Brainpop (Free, Ages K-12)
National Geographic Kids (Free)
Ted Talk For Kids (Free)
CK12 (Free, Grades 1-12)
Skype A Scientist
Kids Discover
Actively Learn
Numinds (Free)
Houston Children’s Museum Videos
The Kids Should See This
Nat’l Institute of Environ.Health Sciences Kids’ Page
How To Smile
HippoCampus (Free, Middle & High School)
Lost Ladybug
Sunflower Project
Yellowstone National Park Virtual Tour
33 Virtual National Park Tours (Free!)
Switch Zoo
San Diego Zoo
Panda Cam at Zoo Atlanta
Monterrey Bay Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium
Animal Cams at Houston Zoo
Zoo View
Cincinnati Zoo
Pittsburgh Zoo
Seaworld Orlando
Explore Live Animal Cams
Underwater Penguin Cam
The Real Surface Of Mars (Free)
NASA Kids Club (Free)
Storytime in Space (Free)
Stellarium (Free)
Space Foundation Discovery Center
Amazing Space
NASA Exoplanet Exploration (Age 8+)
NASA Glenn Virtual Tours