Social Justice Council

Cherry Creek Education Association


Our Vision

The CCEA Social Justice Council is a group of CCEA members who are dedicated to dismantling the systems of oppression within ourselves, our schools, and our communities. Our goal is to build an anti-oppressive local union and district that is inclusive, safe, and collaborative for all.

We are committed to creating safe workplaces for all Cherry Creek employees with marginalized identities, safe learning environments for our students with marginalized identities, and a community where all people are treated with dignity and respect. We know that none of us are free until we are all free. We will achieve this goal through education, advocacy, and community building.

We are building solidarity between diverse social justice movements through the development of working groups that focus on specific issue areas including racial justice, immigrant justice, LGBTQIA+ justice, and more.

All members of CCEA are invited and welcome to join the SJC as a whole and any specific SJC Pod (working group) that they feel passionate about. We encourage folks directly impacted by systems of oppression and allies to join us!

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