Tentative Agreement Reached

Negotiators for the district and the association have come to a tentative agreement.

Members will be voting on ratification May 7 through May 21 – click here to go to the ballot.

See below for a short summary or click the links at the bottom to see the negotiated language:

  1. Salary: The salary increase will be 3.4% plus steps and lanes for all salary categories (supplemental, RF, SAIP, etc.)(this is based on a previously negotiated agreement)
  2. Workplace Bullying – Administration Bullying:  A detailed plan has been developed for ARs and building administrators to solve workplace problems.  If an issue cannot be resolved at the building level, it will go to the President of CCEA and the Office of Employee Relations. The decision and consequence made at this level is final.
  3. Insurance:  The district will pay the Kaiser increase of 8.9 percent for employee-only DHMO 500. Employees with EMPLOYEE ONLY COVERAGE will not see an increase in payroll deduction.  All other insurance categories(employee and family, employee and children, employee and spouse) should expect larger payroll deductions, but the district will provide an amount equal to the increases for employee only ($47.86) to help offset these increased costs.
  4. Elementary Planning Time:  Starting with the 2018-2019 school year, required faculty meetings will occur no more than twice a month.  School committees will be consolidated and participation WILL BE VOLUNTARY.  PLCs will be flexible in terms of when to meet and what needs to occur to make it teacher directed; administration will not be involved. All non-essential meetings will be eliminated. The requirement that teacher-directed time make up at least 50% of non-contact days will be changed in the future to 50% plus 4 hours; the intent is to roll this plan out to the secondary level in the school year 2019-2020.
  5. 21st Century Partnership:  Before one of these waivers to negotiated policy can be granted, it must be presented in a transparent fashion.   We want to ensure that teachers or buildings that wish to participate in activities OUTSIDE of the contract day are doing so voluntarily.  For example: tutorials and any other UNPAID activity will require a plan to be submitted that details who wishes to participate and how compensation will be provided.  This helps make sure that those involved are compensated fairly and those wishing to NOT participate are not required to do so.
  6. Mental Health Employment Status:  Work will continue toward recognizing mental health employees as having professional status rather than being on year-to-year contracts.  A group of three CCEA members (Mental Health) and three CCSD representatives will meet to discuss and finalize the status of mental health employees.  The group will make a final decision by December 1st 2018 for implementation on January 1, 2019.

The files linked below include the full language of the changes to the negotiated agreement:

21stCentury TA

Elem Planning Time TA

Insurance TA

Mental Health Status TA

Workplace Bullying TA