CCEA Prevails in Plan Time Equity Hearing

lDear CCEA Members:

If you have been following the information CCEA has disseminated regarding various grievances CCEA has filed, you may recall one regarding equity of planning time. In summary, some administrators within the district have chosen to apply the master schedule inequitably to a certain group or population of middle school teachers.  This inequitable treatment resulted in these teachers being assigned a greater course load (six sections rather than five) and larger student loads These administrators determined who was subjected to this inequity based solely on the subject they taught.  The teachers were required to teach the additional class period without overload compensation.

On April 27, a hearing was held before an impartial hearing officer. Each party (CCEA and CCSD) presented testimony and information explaining its position on the issue. On May 30th 2017, CCEA received the decision that assigning these additional courses based on subject matter being taught was a violation of Policy 4116, Section F.

I am writing to all members to notify all of you that the decision by Judge John Criswell supported the arguments of the Cherry Creek Education Association and our members. He agreed that the discrepancy in planning time was an inequitable application of the planning time provision of the negotiated agreement and that it should be corrected.

With the increasing demands placed on teachers, we would probably all agree that every teacher should be provided more planning time to perform her/his job responsibilities at the highest level possible. Therefore, this decision is not meant to take anything away from any teacher.  It is meant to provide relief to those working the additional class periods.  The intent is to provide equitable treatment and protection of planning time for all teachers regardless of subject matter.

If you would like to read the decision, it can be found on the CCEA website at      .

The work we do every day is driven by the common thread that we share -our students. Our students deserve our best and protecting our planning time as well as each colleague being treated as equal will ensure that each of us is able to deliver the excellent education this district is known for daily.

In Solidarity

Scot Kaye –CCEA President-elect

To view the text of the decision, click on the following:

2017-05-30 Cherry Creek Award-J-Criswell