CCEA Bargaining Update #1

BE Follow the Leader!

CCEA has begun the bargaining process with the District for the 2017-2018 Negotiated Agreement.  Both teams are participating in the Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) process led by a Federal Mediator.  Issues brought to the bargaining table by CCEA for this round of negotiations include: Administrator Intimidation, Benefits, Teacher Plan Time, Before and After Contract Compensation, and Mental Health Employee Status.  The District brought 21st Century Partnerships as their issue.

There have been 3 bargaining sessions which started on January 26, 2018.  The first week of bargaining sessions included setting up norms and ground rules for IBB, bringing issues to be discussed, and setting up the story and interests for the issue of benefits.

Thank you so much to ALL of our members how came out and supported our bargaining team.  Even though it may not have been readily apparent, your presence made a big impact.

During the 4th bargaining session on February 13, 2018, CCEA brought the issue of Administrator Intimidation.  The issue was specifically framed as “How can we ensure that all CCSD Employees have a physically and emotionally safe workplace and all employees are equally accountable for creating and maintaining this culture?” Both teams shared stories, interest, and provided options for moving forward.  Teams had beneficial discussions and made progress on this issue.


CCEA Bargaining Team:

Scot Kaye (CCEA President), Jackie Parkins (FRUU/CCEA), Brent Harris (HMS), Sandy Culbertson (HOM), Lynette Snyder (FRMS), Carlye Holladay (CCHS), Jeannie Campbell (PRE), Kirsten VanArsdale (LIB)

CCSD Bargaining Team:

Brenda Smith (Employee Relations), Todd Fukai – (Asst. Sup. HR), Ty Valentine (Director, HR), Chuck Puga (Principal, SHHS), Angie Zehner (Principal, TRMS), Tamar Speidel (Principal, BUF), Jennifer Perry (Exec. Director, Elem), Michael Giles (Exec. Director, Inclusive Exc.), David Hart (CFO)

Upcoming Bargaining Dates, Locations, Times

Tuesday, March 6                   ESC Room 147            4:00 – 8:00 PM

Wednesday, March 7              ESC Room 147            4:00 – 8:00 PM

Tuesday, March 13                 ESC Room 147            4:00 – 8:00 PM


A CCEA Bargaining Support Team formed to keep CCEA members informed and to organize activities to support the CCEA Bargaining Team.


CCEA Bargaining Support Team:

Kasey Ellis (CCEA Vice-President), Melissa Myers (HMS), Jolie Hendricks (SUN), Stephanie Taylor (FCMS), Mollie Martin (MVE), Mary Szablya (CRK)